Since 1997, Alden has been trying cases before the state and federal courts in Minnesota and, more recently, Wisconsin. Alden has always been lead attorney for every lawsuit litigated by him. Alden holds a phenomenal success rate of cases won or settled. The majority of these cases involve business disputes, construction or real estate subjects.

Alden’s entire life has been immersed in the law. Alden grew up with his father being a prominent criminal prosecutor and later judge. Uncountable conversations with his father and other lawyers honed Alden’s mind to the art of persuasive legal argument. Alden used these skills when he left his boyhood home of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to become a stranger in a strange land in the Deep South at the University of Alabama. While at university, Alden took a particular interest in applied economics. After graduating at the top of his class with special honors, Alden continued his interest by being accepted in a doctoral program in economics at the University of Iowa. Alden left that program to pursue his desire of becoming an attorney.  Alden received a prestigious Dean’s Scholarship to attend William Mitchell College of Law and graduated with high honors.

A frequent lecturer on residential construction law, for many years Alden has been educating contractors with practical information focused on licensing compliance, customer and subcontractor relations and the use of legal leverage to resolve disputes. Alden’s down to earth presentation style is well received by his audience.