Business Litigation Defined

Litigation is the process of pursuing or defending a controversy or a lawsuit. Our litigation practice uses the processes and rules authorized by law, in a court of justice, to enforce our clients’ rights when attacked by governmental agencies, past employees, customers, competitors, or other businesses.

Who do we Represent?

Many law firms will take any case, even if that means that they represent customers or employees in a controversy against your business. Alden Pearson, P.A. only represents businesses; our entire focus is on your business, partnering with you to protect your rights – ALWAYS.

Types of controversies we litigate

We represent clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin in disputes with state governmental agencies, past owners, past employees, dissatisfied customers, unruly competitors, and unhappy vendors. Typical cases include Department of Labor investigations, injured employees, partnership dissolutions, collections, or unfair competition.

The process of bringing and pursuing a lawsuit

Business litigation is tricky; it has its own language, rules, and procedures. Litigation begins when a plaintiff serves a defendant with a claim. Litigation includes depositions, evidence discovery, subpoenas, hearings, and trials. Litigation can be a scary, embarrassing, and often expensive process. Business owners deserve a law firm that will explain the process while keeping costs under control.

The goal of business litigation can be a win-win solution for the parties. We strive to preserve your relationships with customers, referrals, and vendors. Disputes can occur no matter how careful or fair the parties try to be. Over 90% of all lawsuits are settled without going to court. At Alden Pearson, P.A. we take pride in finding creative solutions to resolve business disputes that save our clients’ money and preserve important relationships.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We look for cooperative methods to resolve disputes. We successfully solve problems with mediation, arbitration, and less formal settlement discussions. But if it becomes necessary to stand tough to protect your rights, our track record of litigation success spanning more than two decades is your assurance that we will work tirelessly on your behalf.