Minnesota and Wisconsin Construction Law

We Know Construction Law

Construction, especially residential construction, is a heavily regulated industry. Legislatures and government agencies keep adding more laws, rules, and contract requirements. Contractors need an experienced legal advisor to help them stay compliant with the ever-changing construction law environment.

For over two decades, Alden Pearson, PA has guided contractors through the legal landscape that is construction law. Clients look to us for advice that helps them grow and protect their bottom line in Minnesota and Wisconsin. You want to build projects on time and on budget that your customers will love. We built our business to help you do just that.

Customer Contracts

A contract should be a sales tool that helps you land projects, not a legal document that frightens your prospects and frustrates your sales people. We draft Customer Contracts for retail and insurance-related projects that customers understand while protecting you from the occasional customer who doesn’t live up to their end of the bargain. We watch the legislature and regulatory agencies and update our contracts right away so you will remain compliant. More importantly, our contracts are drafted with the sales process in mind so they help your sales people close the sale rather than becoming an obstacle to overcome.

Vendor and Subcontractor Agreements

Successful construction projects require the collaboration of many different people. You need partners, vendors, employees, subcontractors, and service providers. Each of these relationships can go from simple to complicated, easy to difficult, very quickly. Your contracts with these partners should provide the instructions for your business relationship. You need a legal advisor who knows your business and drafts contracts to help you manage these relationships so that everyone benefits.

Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, construction projects don’t always go as planned. Customers don’t pay, a subcontractor performs poorly, or there is a problem with the workmanship or materials. Most frightening of all, a government agency sends you a letter. You need more than a reaction. You need the strength of a firm that understands when to negotiate and preserve relationships, and when to litigate to protect your interests. Alden Pearson, PA has over two decades of experience successfully resolving disputes for our clients.

Services You Need

When your business requires a legal and business advisor who understands your needs, Alden Pearson P.A. should be your first choice. We provide certified education programs that meet contractors’ continuing education requirements. We advise our clients in all their construction-related legal needs from licensing, entity formation, construction contracts, vendor contracts, subcontractor agreements, mechanic’s lien protection, statutory warranties, construction defect claims, and collections.