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An Open Letter to The Exterior Renovation Industry (revisited)

By December 19, 2013No Comments

Last September, I prepared and distributed “An Open Letter to the Exterior Renovation Industry” as a call to arms because I believed the industry was under pending legislative attack by the insurance industry. A copy of that letter accompanies this one. That attack occurred and, through industry efforts spearheaded by the Minnesota Association of Exterior Specialists (MNAES) with assistance from this law firm, the insurance industry was beaten back. I am now, one year later, coming back to you with the same theme that “We must all hang together, or assuredly we will all hang separately.” Benjamin Franklin (1776)

Since 2007, the exterior renovation industry has been subjected to increasing and complex regulation. A sampling highlight of those laws and regulations accompanies this letter. Where contractors once needed to know only how to perform quality construction workmanship and treat their customers honestly and fairly to earn a good living, now contractors must become regulatory experts or engage that expertise as a necessary business expense. This is not your parent’s construction industry.

The Minnesota legislature goes back into legislative session on January 8, 2013. Presently, it remains unclear what party will be in control of either the Minnesota House of Representatives or the Senate. That clarity will come from the November 6, 2012 general election. As it is a Presidential election year, the Minnesota legislative outcome may be skewed by what happens with that election as well.

Because the insurance industry got bloodied by the renovation construction industry at the last Minnesota legislative session, I fully expect that the insurance industry will be back to show the construction industry they are better at legislative lobbying, have been at it longer than renovation contractors and have more resources to bring to bear to get legislation passed (or defeated). Like David vs. Goliath, the renovation industry, David, has an opportunity to show the insurance industry, Goliath, and the Minnesota legislature that it can hold its own and protect its interests and those of Minnesota’s consumers.

So, again this year, like Paul Revere at the start of the American Revolution, I implore you: “the insurers are coming, the insurers are coming!” And like Benjamin Franklin quoted above, renovation contractors can choose to hang together or hang separately. To hang together, the Minnesota Association of Exterior Specialists (MNAES) needs your support, and this includes financial support, to pursue its defense of the exterior renovation industry.  MNAES can be found at:

Join and support your industry and your business.

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