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Construction Design Agreement Provision Checklist

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•Identification of contract parties
•Identification of contract documents
•merger clause merging all negotiations into the contract documents
•scope of work
•intellectual property license

  • general use
  • limited use
    • improvement to be constructed by design contractor only
    • one-time use only
    • design contractor reserves right to reuse
    • license not transferable

•release of design contractor if design used by any third party
•timeframe to create design (ensure not hard deadline)
•design fee

  • flat fee
  • percentage fee
  • credit to construction price

•payment schedule
•interest on overdue amounts

  • compliant with Minnesota usury laws

•collection costs
•forum selection/venue (court or arbitration and location)
•pre-lien notice (lien rights may or may not be applicable)
•force majeure/act of God

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